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The results of the fourth day of group stage at World Championship 2019

With the end of fourth day of group stage at League of Legends World Championship 2019, both SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports are the only undefeated teams until now.



The First Match

Today’s matchup was interesting right from the start, as soon as the European second seed opted into a unique composition with a Blitzcrank and Morgana duo in the bottom lane. The idea was to play around Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek’s Kayle after he’d get the champion to level 16. Unfortunately for Fnatic, RNG knew exactly how to play around their own carries and abuse the shortcomings that this Kayle-oriented team composition brought. The Chinese squad Royal Never Give Up looks poised to make a breakthrough to the Worlds 2019 playoffs after taking down Fnatic with 36 minutes only.

The Second Match

Today, the legendary Korean team SK Telecom T1 destroyed Clutch Gaming in one of the most one-sided matches at Worlds 2019 so far. SKT took a huge lead early in the match and steamrolled their way to victory behind masterclass performances by superstar Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha. With this victory SKT stayed at the top of Group C without any loses until now.

The Third Match

The first LPL seed FunPlus Phoenix defeated the Vietnam squad GAM Esports to stay at the top side of Group B.

The Fourth Match

After a surprisingly strong performance against Splyce, J Team has tied FunPlus Phoenix for first place in group B at the halfway point of the 2019 World Championship group stage. The Taiwanese representatives have stunned many fans in Europe so far. They were thought to be underdogs, among the likes of FPX and Splyce, but they’ve managed to win against both of these teams in pretty strong fashion. If they can use their momentum to push forward, we could be seeing a pretty significant upset in the group.

The Fifth Match

Cloud9 suffered their second loss in the Group Stage with a disastrous match against Griffin today. With this latest loss, things don’t look great for Cloud9. But they still have the second half of round robin play to go, which means they can avenge their losses to G2 and Griffin before group stage concludes.

The Sixth Match

G2 Esports the European champions ended the fourth day of group stage with a 3-0 record after defeating Hong Kong Attitude today. G2 were a clear favorite coming into Worlds. In addition to their first-place finish at MSI 2019. G2 will have to face Griffin, Cloud9, and HKA once more to close out their group stage. Considering how dominant G2 has been thus far it’s hard to believe they will drop a game to any of these teams.

The group stage will resume on Thursday 17 Oct.

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