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The results of the seventh day of group stage at World Championship 2019

The seventh day of group stage come to an end with the Group C, now we are just one day away from the end of this stage at League of Legends World Championship 2019.



The First Match

With the first match of the day, Royal Never Give Up were on the cusp of shutting down SK Telecom T1’s undefeated record, but they lost in the end. The last time these two teams met it was a back and forth battle to see who could gain an advantage. Unfortunately for RNG, they just couldn’t close out and lost to a backdoor by SKT. Now the champions Korean SKT the first LCK seeded has secured their spot in the Worlds quarterfinals.

The Second Match

After losing to Fnatic in one of the worst endings of the year, Clutch Gaming have been eliminated from the Worlds 2019. Clutch’s match against Fnatic was a full clown fiesta, with more than 50 kills and an equal amount of turrets shared between both teams. But unfortunately for NA fans Fnatic the second LEC seeded defeated Clutch Gaming the third LCS seeded to get a chance to advance to the Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals, but they must to win against SKT and RNG before this.

The Third Match

SK Telecom T1’s win streak has come to an end after Fnatic crushed their hopes of a perfect 6-0 finish in the Worlds 2019 group stage with a clever Veigar pick. Fnatic came into today’s matches with a 1-2 record, but after clutching out a win against SKT, they are now in top contention for a quarterfinals spot. They have one more match against Royal Never Give Up at the end of the day to determine whether they’ll advance or finish their Worlds run defeated.

The Fourth Match

RNG the second LPL seeded defeated the worst team in Group C Clutch Gaming to get more chance to advance to the Worlds 2019 quarterfinals, but they must to defatting Fnatic in the last match between them before that.

The Fifth Match

Today after Clutch Gaming losses against SKT, they have become the first NA team ever to end a World Championship run without any win with 0-6 record. They were seeded into Group C along with SKT, Fnatic, and Royal Never Give Up. It was unanimously called this year’s Group of Death for a reason, and Clutch fallen in this group anyway.

The Sixth Match

Fnatic have qualified for the Worlds 2019 knockout stage after defeated the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up in the last match of the day. With this win, all three European representatives have made it to the quarterfinals for the first time in Worlds history. Splyce were able to qualify through Group B by finishing in second place, while G2 Esports tied Griffin for first in group A.

The playoffs begin with Knockout Stage on Saturday, Oct. 26.

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