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The results of the sixth day of group stage at World Championship 2019

The second phase of group stage at League of Legends World Championship 2019 is continue today with Group A.



The First Match

At the beginning of sixth day of group stage, Griffin the second LCK seeded defeated the American squad Cloud9 with 24-1. This match was from one side in reality, because C9 performance was so bad in this match.

The Second Match

G2 Esports the first LEC seeded defeated the LMS squad Hong Kong Attitude. Hong Kong Attitude performance is so bad in Group stage, and they don’t catch any win until now.

The Third Match

The Korean squad Griffin defeated Hong Kong Attitude too to let them stay in bottom of Group A with 0-5 records. Hong Kong Attitude show us good performance in the Play-in Stage, but when they came to the Group Stage their performance was so poor in reality.

The Fourth Match

G2 Esports defeated Cloud9 the Second LCS seeded to send them to the home. Following G2 Esports’ victory over Hong Kong Attitude today, Cloud9’s journey at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship officially came to an end. NA has grown accustomed to having C9 as its last team at the tournament, but the region will need a new savior this year.

The Fifth Match

Cloud9 the second LCS seeded defeated Hong Kong Attitude the third LMS seeded in the final match for the both teams in the Worlds 2019, because the both teams are eliminated from this tournament.

The Sixth Match

The undefeated streak of G2 Esports has been broken after another dominant showing by Griffin the second LCK seed. This loss wasn’t even close, either. Although G2 were able to stay even, Griffin took over the early game and used that momentum to destroy their opponents in 27 minutes.

The Seventh Match

the final match of the day was a tiebreaker match between Griffin and G2 Esports to decide who would be the No. 1 team coming out of the group A. Griffin showed us a huge performance and defeated G2 to claimed the first spot in this group. Although it isn’t the end of the world for G2, this just shows that the roster and coaching staff still have some work to do ahead of the knockout stage of Worlds.

The playoffs begin with Knockout Stage on Saturday, Oct. 26.

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