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The results of the third day of group stage at World Championship 2019

The Group Stage continues for the third day in a row at the League of Legends World Championships 2019 with huge performance from many teams.



The first match

At the first match of the day, the third LCK seed DAMWON Gaming defeated the chines squad Invictus Gaming last year world champions, and gave them their first lose in the tournament. They play so aggressive and run round the map all time.

The second match

With DAMWON and Invictus Gaming sitting at 2-1, today Team Liquid match against AHQ Esports Club was a must-win for the 1-1 Liquid. In real the Liquid jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero saved the day with baron steal to close the game. Although the victory wasn’t pretty, Liquid now sit in a three-way tie with DAMWON and IG at 2-1 in Group D. On the other hand, AHQ may have seen the end of their Worlds journey after falling to 0-3 at the bottom of Group D.

The third match

It wasn’t looking good for FunPlus Phoenix during their second match of the group stage against Splyce. They were already at risk of dropping to 0-2 in a group they were favorites in, and Splyce dominated the early parts of the game. But then Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang came in with a perfectly time Baron steal. The first seed LPL representatives didn’t look like themselves for most of the match, losing a number of team fights to the Europeans squad Splyce, they must focus and play better if they wish to stay the course and qualify for the playoffs.

The fourth match

The Vietnam squad GAM Esports defeated the first LMS seed J Team today to claim thier first win in the group stage.

The fifth match

This match was from one side in reality. Griffin the second LCK seed defeated the LMS squad Hong Kong Attitude to send them to the bottom of group A. they won the most team fights, lead with the gold and close the game so easy.

The sixth match

G2 Esports the LEC champions and one of the favorite teams in the tournament, they won with thier second match against the North Americans Cloud9 to be the first team in the group A. they won the most teamfights then take baron and close the game in 25 minutes only.

The World championship 2019 Group Stage continue tomorrow as the same time.

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