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Riot unveils the new Teamfight Tactics mode in League of Legends

The new Teamfight Tactics mode is on the way to League of Legends soon bringing with it tons of fun new ways to play, according to the Riot announcement.



In realty the new Teamfight Tactics mode takes on an entirely-separate genre and it’s quite the jump from the all-too-familiar MOBA. this new mode centered around building an army, combining champions to power-up forces, position and deploy units, and be the last player standing.

Riot has pulled out all the stops with its new Teamfight Tactics mode. The auto-battler genre first appeared in DOTA Auto Chess and quickly proved to be a sensation. The game inspired Riot to create its own take on the genre, and it’s no joke.

Teamfight Tactics could have easily been another rotating game mode, but according to Riot, it’s here to stay.

“We’re building this one with you,” Riot said. “TFT’s initial launch is a beta, so expect it to be a work in progress as we work all of the kinks out. Every step of the way we’ll be listening closely to your experiences and feedback, so please let us know what you think. For our part, we’ll be in frequent contact via dev articles, updates, and patch notes.”

Although Teamfight Tactics will be playable through the League client, it’ll be treated as a standalone game. To go alongside its release, it’ll have a fully-fledged ranked mode.

With the introduction of Teamfight Tactics (Riot’s take on the auto-battler genre), a new League of Legends personalization option is set to be added to the game.

Little Legends are cute critters that act as your avatar in TFT. They dance, emote, and they’re animated, too. You can unlock your first Little Legend by playing TFT. But if one isn’t enough, and you have some Riot Points to spare, you can purchase more in the store. They’ll cost 750 RP, so they come at a fairly hefty price tag, but for those of you with a sweet spot for critters, they’ll be a must-buy.

At release, there will be six species of Little Legends, but more are expected to be released with each patch. Furthermore, Little Legends will join you on the sidelines of Howling Abyss. They’ll cheer you on as you fight and act as adorable mascots.

The new mode Teamfight Tactics will be available to play with upcoming patch 9.13 on Tuesday, June 25.

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