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Riot reveals animated series, Fighting game, a shooter and more at League of Legends’ 10th celebration

It is a moment that fans of League of Legends and Riot Games have long been awaiting – more games from the developer that has gained fame among millions of players. Apparently, Riot is planning to expand further than we expected, through several impressive projects announced

As part of the 10-year celebration of the company’s first and most prestigious game League of Legends, Riot Games unveiled a number of games under development as well as a surprise that many of us were waiting for – an animated series with the same style we used to watch with every new trailer of the game.

The next projects are as follows:

  • A fighting game called Project L:

When the company confirmed its work on a fighting game at the last EVO event, that worst kept secret was already known to everyone after several obvious leaks to the company’s work on a new title. We’re talking about a 2D Street Fighter-like game project with characters from League of Legends. A short overview of the game was presented in a trailer, and the company merely confirmed that the game takes place in the League world and is in the early stages of development.

  • A digital cards game called League of Runeterra:

Although it may not be the most awaited, the new game comes as no surprise as digital card games are popular these days with the likes of Elder Scrolls, Heartstone and even The Witcher. The fantasy world of League of Legends makes it suitable for this type of game with the special and magical abilities of its cards, which you will be able to get for free using the in-game currency by the way (so goodbye to the blind packages found in other games). The game is free to play and will start with the closed beta stage where you can register on it through the official website now.

  • Smartphone version of .. TeamFight Tactics

When Riot presented its own version of  “Auto battler” mode that Dota helped popularize a few months ago, no one expected that the new sub-genre would become one of the most popular PC games. Apparently, TFT will also come to smartphones sometime next year, as well as major updates that developers have unveiled for future updates of different versions of the game including new sets of heroes and abilities every 3-4 months.

  • .. And of course the version for smartphones and consoles of of League of Legends

Perhaps it is one of the most interesting announcements despite knowing that it was coming to smartphones previously, but the new version of League of Legends, now officially called Wild Rift has received a full reveal indicating that it is coming to Android phones, iOS platforms and unexpectedly .. for home platforms as well. After being exclusive to the PC for 10 years, LoL seems to be ready for home consoles, and the task of doing so has not been easy as the team has developed Wild Rift from scratch to suit all new platforms, with a suitable gameplay for touch screens and controllers. The new version will come in 2020, and you can pre-register from now on Google Play.

  • An animated series of League of Legends

One of the highlights of last night’s was inevitably the new Arcane series, which will take the fascinating trailers which Riot Games is famed for and expand into a full series that will be produced by the same company and shown next year. The series takes place in Piltover and Zaun’s oppressed undergrounds, and the story will address the origins of two well-known League champions and the power that helped pull them apart. Watch the trailer for the first glance above.

  • A resource management game: LoL Esports Manager

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Are simulation and resource management games like Football Manager familiar to you? If so, you may be interested in the professional League team management game that puts you in the position of team manager. Interestingly, the game will interact with the real world as well, starting with LPL support next year and in-game players’ profits will be shared with the real teams they play.

  • Competitive shooting game Project A

Wait .. Shooting game from Riot Games? That’s right, the most surprising announcement was definitely the new Project A project that is being developed internally at the company with a focus on competitive online gameplay. In fact, the new game is the only one of the previous reveals that is not connected to the League of Legends world, offering a whole new world made by Riot to focus on new characters and useful abilities in a competitive shooting environment similar to games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. Project A got some initial glimpses during the celebration, but it is also in the early stages of development and will go back to disappear for some time until Riot is ready to show more about the new project.

  • Last but not least, Project F

The biggest mystery in the event was inevitably the secret project called Project F, which was described as “a very early project exploring the possibility of navigating the world of Runeterra with your friends”. This might mean a virtual reality experience perhaps, or a collaborative RPG-style Diablo game. In any case, it seems we will have to wait a few years to learn more about this new game / experience.

That was everything from the 10th League of Legends, which inevitably brought in more ads than we imagined. With all these new projects, we can expect to see more at Riot’s future events, having finally lost its infamy of being the “one game company”.

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