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Riot unveils the upcoming new champion Pyke in League of Legends

Riot teased the players about the upcoming new champion Pyke, through the video on the official League of Legends YouTube channel.



The new champion Pyke appears to be some sort of vengeful spirit—his entire mission to judge and punish all of Bilgewater stems from the fact that his shipmates let him drown, according to the video’s description. The actual trailer shows him descending into a deep ocean toward a massive sea monster, though, so his death may have been a bit more gruesome than drowning, after all.

Judging from Riot’s past reveals, we know that Pyke will be an aggressive support champion. His dark, gritty theme of revenge-fueled (and frequently murderous) haunting is very uncharacteristic of most of the game’s supports, with the exception of Thresh, whose entire purpose is to steal and trap souls.

Pyke kit hasn’t been revealed yet, and his release date hasn’t yet been confirmed, but if it follows the usual pattern for new champions, he’ll likely hit the PBE next week.

May new champion Pyke‘s see the light with Patch 8.11 in three weeks from now.

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