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Riot unveils the victorious skin for 2019 Season

If u are a League of Legends top lane ranked player you must be happy because Riot unveiled the Victorious skin as the 2019 end season reward.



Aatrox had a 92 percent presence in the Summer Split, with a high presence in ranked,” Riot Beardilocks said. “He also had a 99 percent pick/ban in last year’s Worlds, the highest of any champ.

Fans are also concerned that other lanes, primarily support and ADC, are heavily underrepresented in the Victorious skin line. Morgana was the last support to receive a Victorious skin, which was released five years ago in 2014 when she was a highly-contested mid pick rather than a support. As for ADCs, Sivir is the only traditional ADC to have a Victorious skin, which came out in 2015. The top lane, however, received a skin fairly recently in 2016 when Maokai was announced as the Victorious champion.

Regardless of the controversy behind appointing Aatrox as this year’s Victorious skin, Riot is sticking by its decision based on the impact he’s had on the Meta this year and last. Ward skins will be given to players who end the season at Honor level three or higher too.

Remember Season 2019 in League of Legends will end on Nov. 19.

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