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Yalla Esports are second place in UAE Qualifiers of ROG Masters 2017

A recent section of the ROG Masters 2017 tournament ended after a close match between the Middle East teams saw a strong return to some of them and surprising events.


The first counter-strike: Global Offensive group of Yalla Esports secured second place for themselves in the UAE finals of the previously mentioned tournament.

After NasrEsports‘s RiskyGaming managed to win a great victory in the final against Yalla Esports in a strong match that was only 16-3 in the final, despite the clear superiority of Yalla Esports in the past but the finals were not much in their favor .

Perhaps RiskyGaming managed to steal the spotlight in the playoffs, but Yalla Esports made a strong start in the tournament after a team was established just a few days ago in the hope that the star would shine in the big tournaments, which was hoped by the team’s founder klaus As mentioned in our last interview with him.

These qualifiers brought in a prize of approximately $ 2723 ( 10,000 AED), of which $ 1,361 went to the top-ranked team RiskyGaming and the remaining $ 817 went to second place Yalla Esports.

The ROG Masters 2017 will continue but this time with the presence of the big Arab teams, to get their chance to be among the international teams and win a prize of $ 250 thousand dollars.

This is a new addition to the list of achievements of RiskyGaming after having previously won the ESL India 2017 Championship against Indian rival Entity Gaming.

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