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HellRaisers and Team Empire win their spots at WCA 2017 main event

A series of interesting matches relating to Europe and CIS qualifiers for the WCA 2017 World Championship have recently ended in the Dota 2 section.


The EU/CIS qualifiers concluded over the weekend, awarding HellRaisers and Team Empire the coveted spots to represent their regions at WCA 2017.

Rounding out a brutal and overwhelming month of qualifiers, both HellRaisers and Team Empire had finally gained a LAN spot for their hard work. The last phase of the WCA 2017 EU/CIS qualifiers was a mix of teams from both regions competing for two spots for the big event to take place in December in China.

Eight teams entered the group stage portion, only four emerged victorious and into the single bracket playoffs.

It took an intense and extremely long 5 game series to declare the official winner to claim the top seed and lion’s share of the WCA 2017 EU/CIS qualifier prize money. Hellraisers looked to have things in the bag, clinching the first two games of the series – the second of which was a whopping 77 mins long. Not ready to concede, Team Empire struck back and seized the second two games of the series relatively quickly and easily in contrast. The series having been tied up, the deciding fifth game took an hour for Hellraisers to close out for the series victory.

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