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Samsung Galaxy ends the American dream with Cloud9 defeat at the Worlds quarterfinals

The League of Legends World Championship saw its first quarterfinal yesterday between Samsung Galaxy and Cloud9 the sole NA side left in the tournament. Things didn’t go so well for C9 and their performance was simply no match to the Koreans as the dream ended right there with a win for SG 3-0.

It wasn’t particularly close. Samsung got off to an impressive start, having been booed on their introduction to the arena they proceeded to smash C9 in just 27 minutes. Almost every play Cloud9 tried to make, Samsung turned in their favour. As the series progressed Cloud9 put up slightly more of a fight, but they never looked in danger of actually winning a game. Samsung outclassed them across the board, with CuVee in particular putting in an exceptional performance.

After their convincing victory, Samsung Galaxy will proceed to New York’s Madison Square Gardens, where standing between them and the final in LA will be the winner of H2k and Albus Nox Luna.

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