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The schedule for the second group stage from DOTA 2 WESG 2017 grand finals

Sixteen DOTA 2 teams will fight for the spots in the DOTA 2 WESG 2017 Global Grand Final Playoffs to compete for the champion’s title.



The second group stage of the tournament will be a Round-Robin as well, yet this time with a BO2 format. 16 teams were divided into 4 groups, 4 teams each and will fight for two days to determinate the strongest. Two of the best teams from each group will advance to the next round, attended by only 8 participants.

All players that have reached the second group stage get part of a prize-pool of $1,500,000.

The Schedule for second group stage from DOTA 2 WESG 2017 grand finals with CET time:

March 15

  • 04:00 N1 vs ROZETKA.UAshki
  • 04:00 Team Hellas vs Fire Dragoon
  • 04:00 EHOME vs Team Serbia
  • 04:00 Keen Gaming vs SG e-sports
  • 06:00 N1 vs Team Hellas
  • 06:00 ROZETKA.UAshki vs Fire Dragoon
  • 08:00 EHOME vs SG e-sports
  • 08:00 Keen Gaming vs Team Serbia
  • 10:00 N1 vs Fire Dragoon
  • 10:00 Team Hellas vs ROZETKA.UAshki
  • 12:00 EHOME vs Keen Gaming
  • 12:00 SG e-sports vs Team Serbia

March 16

  • 04:00 Team Finland vs Ultima_Thule
  • 04:00 Rock.Y vs Team Peru
  • 04:00 Team Russia vs Team Leviathan
  • 04:00 paiN Gaming vs HappyFeet
  • 06:00 Rock.Y vs Ultima_Thule
  • 06:00 Team Finland vs Team Peru
  • 08:00 Team Russia vs HappyFeet
  • 08:00 Team Leviathan vs paiN Gaming
  • 10:00 Rock.Y vs Team Finland
  • 10:00 Team Peru vs Ultima_Thule
  • 12:00 Team Russia vs paiN Gaming
  • 12:00 Team Leviathan vs HappyFeet

We’d like to remind you that some of matches will be held at the same time. And All matches will be streaming on Twitch channel.


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