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Season 11 of Fortnite borrows PUBG Mobile feature to help new players

With the tenth season of the famous Battle Royale game Fortnite coming to an end, attention is inevitably heading towards the next season, which will carry one of the biggest changes in how the game works since its launch, and we have PUBG Mobile to thank



The tenth season of the famous game has come with its abundance of changes and new additions, but the most notable was inevitably the addition of Mechs to the game; an option proved to be the most controversial in the history of the game with widespread dissatisfaction within the players’ community for the difficulty of dealing with this new addition, which was put in place to help newcomers enjoy the game.

Despite the loud voices condemning the addition of these robots, Epic Games remained steadfast in its position and kept the mechs rolling, after making some necessary adjustments to facilitate dealing with them. Today, in recent news about Season 11, we seem to be getting another type of Bots, but they’re not the ones you might think.

The new addition Epic has talked about is for non-human players known as Bots, who are usually in a number of online multiplayer games, where they are controlled by the computer’s artificial intelligence to copy the actions of real players and provide an easier confrontation than professionals. The new addition is available in a number of competitive games but in different modes from the main ones, but PUBG Mobile is the biggest example of a competitive game that adopts a similar system in its main mode, especially being a Battle Royale similar to Fortnite.

What does this mean for players? Starting with next season’s update, a number of Bots will be deployed according to the player’s level similar to PUBG, where their apperance will decrease as your level rises until they disappear completely. The main reason for adding this new system is to help newcomers to practice the basics gradually, especially as many around the world have reached amazing skills level by playing for several seasons now, which always puts the new player in an unenviable position.

Another advantage of the Bots is to reduce the matchmaking time to enter the games across all levels, where the server will be filled according to the level of players with these Bots instead of waiting for the full number to join over a certain period of time. The artificial intelligence of these players will emulate the natural behaviors of real humans, so you may not notice the difference right away.

Of course, the new system is in the process of testing and will continue to improve starting from its inception in the v10.40 update next season, which we still do not know the launch date of. Season 10 will end on October 6, so Season 11 is expected to start around that time.


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