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Seems that many problems are facing Batman: Arkham Knight PC release

Nothing but bad news to PC gamers that were hoping to play Batman Arkham’s finale in highest quality and fidelity. From the locked 30fps limit to many bugs and technical problems like frames dropping. What happened?

Although Batman: Arkham Knight is considered an excellent game and got 91 on Metacritic, but the PC version has had nothing but problems since release. With poor performance keeping even the strongest rigs out there at bay. Just a glance on the game’s Steam store page and you can see that the users are very unhappy about the lazy port.

Aside from that, there are other bad news for those who were willing to download the game pirated to either try it before buying or because they can’t afford it. As Batman: Arkham Knight contains the aggressive protection DRM Denuvo, the same DRM that had been used in titles like Lords of the Fallen and Battlefield: Hardline which remains unhackable as of now.

Rocksteady promised the PC gamers that fixes are already underway. But with a very shoddy port work it’s unacceptable to forgive such a behavior and gamers have every right to get their money refunded, which is now possible on Steam with the new refund policy that allows anyone unhappy about their game to request their money back in case they spent less than 2 hours for the past 2 weeks on the game.

Our advice? stay away from the PC version as of now and play Batman: Arkham Knight on a console that has no problems with it like Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch the launch trailer below:

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