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Shroud is almost quitting Apex Legends forever, would rather play PUBG

If Apex Legends’ biggest player talks about its problems, you know it’s in a bad situation. That’s what happened when Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek caused a stir among Apex players when he said that he was about to stop playing for good because of the game’s current state


Despite being the most watched player since its release, it seems that the “Shroud” is gradually losing interest in Apex Legends, with less time spent in the game for a few days now, ending with a statement yesterday during a live broadcast that he was “three games away” from leaving this game forever, expressing his disquiet at the situation in hand.

The famous player and former CS: GO professional said he would prefer to “go back to PUBG, and that’s saying something” when faced with a few matches filled with problems still unfixed, in addition to the game’s lack of interesting content to attract the attention of players even with the launch of the Battle Pass.

This made “Shroud” say that PUBG is in a far better spot right now, especially with major problems fixed and new content every while. As for Apex Legends, it seems that everyone is waiting for a huge update that will turn the game upside down now, something that the Respawn Entertainment Studio may fail to do, especially with the crew working on another game preparing for launch this year: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Until then, we’ll be expecting a second new legend leaked to release during the current season, and another eight new characters that were hinted in the game’s files. A new update was launched yesterday to bring some changes to the damage to known weapons and their ammunition such as Wingman and Longbow, as well as to increase the strength of both Caustic and Gibraltar.

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