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Shroud talks about the game that will produce the next “superpower breed of gamers”

Is it PUBG or Apex Legends? Maybe Battlefield or CoD? Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek’s answer may surprise you, as he talks about the new game that will breed the next generation of players with immense skills

One of the best players in the world and the owner of the famous Twitch channel has talked in a new livestream on the matter when asked by one of his friends, to which he came up with an unexpected answer for many, namely Fortnite. That’s right, game will be responsible for bringing out a new generation of professional players according to “Shroud”.

“Matt was saying these Fortnite gamers that are so fucking good, they are going to be the next superpower breed of gamers – if they choose to play another game,” he said, responding to questions about a friend’s opinion on the matter.

Shroud added: “In a team environment, in a five-on-five competitive game, they might not be as good. But, because of all of those plusses that they have through Fortnite dude, it’s going to be the superpower of breeds.”

Although many may not agree with Mike’s statement, we cannot deny that playing Fortnite at high levels requires extreme mental skills and faster reaction than other shooting games, especially when taking the distinctive construction factor into the equation.

Whether Fortnite is really a starting point for future professionals or not is something we have to wait to see. At the moment, most of the existing pros seem to be coming from Counter-Strike like Shroud and his teammates, which is still one of the most competitive shooting games of all time.

The Fortnite World Cup 2019 will kick off next month with $40 million at stake. The winner of individual competitions will receive $3 million, the largest prize in the history of esports.

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