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Shroud’s return to CS: GO scene hits a roadblock with a forced forfeit from IEM Katowice qualifiers

Despite quitting competitive CS: GO with Cloud9 last year to focus on his new career in Twitch streaming, Old Guys Club, formed by Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek and his friends served as a glimmer of hope for fans who wanted to see their favorite player in Counter-Strike again , But what happened yesterday may have wiped out that dream for the time being



The team, made up of five of the most respected CS: GO ex-pros, has started as a side project for fun, but Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, Sean “seang@res” Gares, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, Samuel “SileNt” Portillo and “Shroud” have shown impressive performance in online qualifiers for the IEM Katowice CS: GO Major, which almost ended up with them qualifying for the big event.

Although they defeated their Brazilian opponents in TeamOne with a win in the first map and reached 15-13 in the second, Shroud’s prior commitments couldn’t be delayed and had to be done, which meant the team wasn’t able to play the next round in the absence of an alternative. Unfortunately, Seang@res did not seem to think about that possibility, and the team was denied a reschedule which meant an auto-win for TeamOne.

It was difficult to watch for both the followers and the team players themselves, who were forced out of the tournament after a high performance in the past few weeks. What made it even more difficult was TeamOne’s ability to beat Rogue and get a spot in the semi-finals of the playoffs, suggesting that it would not have been really tough on OGC.

The Brazilian team is facing Swole Patrol today and the winner will go straight to the Americas Minor LAN event, the final step before reaching IEM Katowice Major and face big teams like Astralis, Na’vi and more.

Although IEM Katowice’s dream was over before it started, it may not be the end for the team, although they are less likely to return to competition, but we will continue to hope to see them again next year.

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