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Sign up now for ESEA CS:GO Middle East League!

ESEA organizers revealed the first batch of info we need about the upcoming Middle East League today, after having recently introduced ESEA CSGO servers for the middle east region earlier


ESEA has just launched a brand new Middle East League for season 28. The reveal post says: “We need at minimum 17 teams to be able to support the division. We are putting $1,500 as a minimum prize pool as long as we can secure 17 teams in the Middle East League. For every team above the minimum (17 teams) that register, the higher the prize pool will be. If you have any questions please open a support ticket at http://www.esea.net/support “Here is how you get started: 
  • Find a group of friends or like minded players to start a team with. 
  • Sign the team up for the ESEA League at http://www.esea.net/league
  • Players will have to pay a league fee (which will go directly into the league prize pool)
  • Wait for the League to start. The schedules will be released on Wednesday evening
  • Play competitive matches. Be one of the best teams. Win prizes.
So what are you waiting for? Prove your talent and take your shot at representing the Middle East scene!
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  1. Lebanese player 2.1k hours. Got experience on 2 previous NA teams. Entry fragger, secondary awper. I have no friends that are as good. If any teams need a player hit me up

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