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Spiritual father and inventor of video games”Ralph Baer” passes out at the age of 92

One of the sad news that struck gamers worldwide is the death of Ralph Baer, better known as the father of gaming industry at the age of 92.

Ralph held more than 150 patents, but what he’s most famous and respected was the invention of Magnavox Odyssey the very first gaming console back in 1969, with it began an industry so expansive and lively that he will always be remembered for being the one that made possible with his first game Pong.

Our respects go to Mr Ralph, if it wasn’t for his impressive breakthroughs in the world of technology we would have never seen the world we know in the same way, a world of video games that spanned thousands of stories and special moments to our hearts.

Game developers have been commenting on the news on their twitter accounts, here are some tweets below:









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