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Star Wars: Battlefront game size revealed on all three platforms

New info were released on the expected download size for the upcoming Star Wars-based shooter from the developers of Battlefield. Do you have enough space for the arrival of Battlefront on your preferred platform?

EA revealed through a new tweet on the game’s official twitter account that the game will be sized at 27GB on Origin, EA’s PC digital platform. As for the consoles, it comes in a smaller size of 23GB on PS4 while Xbox One users can expect 19GB only on their device.

The differences in size are likely due to the bigger textures. On PC the game supports 4K resolutions, while it runs at 900p on PS4 and a smaller 720p on Xbox One. Whatever the case, it’s still smaller than other big releases this year that exceeded the 30GB barrier on all platforms.

Star Wars: Battlefront is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 November 20.

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