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StarSeries i-League season 4 ready to start playoffs stage

The fourth season of the StarSeries i-League kicked off on February 17, and it has now been almost a week, but there are many new developments.


In the last set of matches of round four, Astralis eased past Heroic 2-0 (Overpass 16-11, Nuke 16-4) and SK beat Natus Vincere 2-0 (Cobblestone 16-12, Inferno 16-7) to earn their spots in the playoffs.

Renegades are through to the playoffs at StarSeries i-League Season 4 following a quick 2-0 victory over HellRaisers.

 Natus Vincere have booked their spot in the StarSeries i-League Season 4 playoffs after beating Heroic 2-1 (16-14 on Train, 11-16 on Mirage and 16-4 on Overpass).
mousesports edged out Cloud9 2-0 (Mirage 16-14, Train 19-16) to clinch the last playoffs spot at StarSeries i-League Season 4

Final standings of the Swiss stage:

 FaZe 3-0
 G2 3-0
 SK 3-1
 Astralis 3-1
 Liquid 3-1
 Natus Vincere 3-2
 Renegades 3-2
 mousesports 3-2
 Cloud9 2-3
 HellRaisers 2-3
 Heroic 2-3
 Gambit 1-3
 TyLoo 1-3
 Virtus.pro 1-3
 fnatic 0-3
 MVP PK 0-3
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