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StarSeries i-League PUBG: participants list revealed

The first tournament of StarSeries i-League PUBG will be held from the 1st to the 4th of March in “Kiev CyberSport Arena”. The clash for $100.000 will be held among 16 teams, who have received direct invites from StarLadder and ImbaTV.

The tournament is attended by the teams from all over the world: 3 teams  from Asia and Oceania, 3 more from China, 2 teams will stand for CIS and 3 – for Europe, while the list of participants was closed by 5 teams from America at a time.

The StarSeries i-League PUBG participants

MiTH South-East Asia
OGN Entus Ace Asia
Athletico Oceania
GOL China
4am China
IFTY China
Vega Squadron CIS
Team Liquid Europe
FaZe Clan Europe
Team Vitality Europe
Luminosity South America
Tempo Storm North America
Team Solomid (TSM) North America
Cloud9 North America
Ghost Gaming North America

All 16 invited teams will form one group which they will fight in for the duration of the tournament (4 days). Each match-day will consist of 5 matches, while the teams will gain points for the number of kills (6 points for one) and for the final place in each game.

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