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StarSeries i-League s4 ended with one winner from Europe

The final results were not expected after the fourth season of the StarSeries i-League teams, but ultimately it was for the best whether we expected it or not.

Our readers may recall the brilliance of the European team mousesports in the pre-tournament matches, as we mentioned in an earlier article, where he maintained this spark in his next game and managed to beat G2 Esports with a net score on all the charts at 2-0.

Team Liquid was also a good player in the match for SK Gaming in a game that did not end simply, but after an exchange of maps ended 2-1.

Natus Vincere shared the same conflict with his opponent Astralis, but the other managed to end the conflict easily but continued for a long time in the course of three maps to reach the final result at 2-1.

However, FaZe Clan was the second team to prove his unique brilliance. This was done by his easy advantage over Renegades, which means that the challenge between them was not at the required level or as we saw above, but all the charts ended for the first team at 2-0.

The winning teams rushed towards the next wave of games, and the speed of the rush appeared to be intense. Team Liquid did not have the mousesports to move forward, but lost to it after several attempts to advance that can only be described with words of failure and appreciation. 2.1.

We can use the same words to describe the next FaZe Clan match, but the giant team surprised us by applying these words to him. Despite his previous brilliance, the decisive moments were not in his favor, he lost his match against Natus Vincere and also the same score after 3-1.

mousesports came from a map down to beat Natus Vincere 2-1 and win StarSeries i-League Season 4.

The first map of the tournament decider, Overpass, started with Na`Vi taking the pistol with ease and then barely surviving an anti-eco as Robin “ropz” Kool went huge with the Desert Eagle. A surprising third-round buy from mousesports did not pay off, putting them in a dire economic situation.

Na`Vi kept finding opening kills, forcing mousesports to play from behind in multiple rounds, with the scoreline blooming to an 8-1 advantage for the home side. mousesports then finally got a break as they won two rounds in a row, but Na`Vi were soon back at it – running all over the CTs to secure an 11-4 lead.

The Ukrainian team picked up where they had left off and further extended their lead after taking the second pistol of the game. A ropz ace did not keep Na`Vi from reaching map point, but then the home side struggled to put the game to bed, curiously only doing so on a very weak buy after losing two rounds in a row.

mousesports came into Mirage looking a different side and secured a quick 3-0 lead without letting their opponents get a single bomb plant. Natus Vincere then got their first on the board after Egor “flamie” Vasilyev won a 1v2 situation, but the European mixture replied immediately, setting themselves up for a 6-1 lead.

Big plays from Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev allowed Na`Vi to string rounds together for the first time since the start of the map, but the rest of the half was all about mousesports’ great defence as Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný’s side stormed to an 11-4 lead.

The second half began at a frantic pace as the teams kept trading blows, with s1mple rescuing his team time and time again with vital plays. With the 20-year-old talent in stunning form, Na`Vi managed to bring the deficit to a minimum, but then a team ace from mousesports put them on 14 rounds.

Natus Vincere kept their hopes alive by taking the next round, this way resetting mousesports’ economy. The Ukrainians went on another great run, hitting match point, but, with their backs against the well, mouz responded in the 30th round to level up the score at 15-15.

The first overtime failed to determine a winner as both teams won two rounds on the offensive side – Na`Vi only doing so thanks to two 1v2 clutches from Denis “electronic” Sharipov. In the second overtime, Chris “chrisJ” de Jong turned hero as he constantly kept Na`Vi’s players at bay with his AWP, helping mousesports to win four consecutive rounds and force a decider map.

With the momentum now swinging in their favour, mousesports got off to a flying start on Train, winning eight of the first nine rounds after abusing the B site – where an out-of-form Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko was stationed.

Na`Vi then finally got a footing in the game as they won three of the next four rounds, but mousesports were unfazed by that and secured the final two rounds of the half to secure an 11-4 lead.

A quad-kill from Edward in a B execution gave Na`Vi the second half pistol and marked the start of a great run from the Ukrainians, who won five rounds in a row to bring the deficit to 9-11. It looked liked mousesports were falling apart but then they set up a very tight defence, winning five rounds in a row en-route to a 16-9 finish.

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