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Steam’s new feature will bring back your childhood memories

Multiplayer games have surely reached new heights that we never dreamed of before, but some of us are still nostalgic for that shared experience we had with our friends and brothers before the Internet age. We’re talking about local games or Couch Co-op, which will come back to life with this innovative Steam feature



Although many games offer online multiplayer option, many used to only allow local multiplayer gameplay either by sharing the screen with your partner or splitting it in half to challenge each other. As distances become more distant, a number of these games have lost their glamor as friends moved away and went with their own lives, but thanks to Steam, you’ll be able to live these experiences again online regardless of game support, according to the new announcement.

The new feature was unveiled via the Steamworks website for developers, and it’s called Remote Play Together. The feature has been confirmed over at Unity Forums as well as discussions on Twitter. What it does in a nutshell is that it takes the picture from the host computer (the owner of the game) and broadcasts it over the Internet to the receiving computer (friend) and allows him to play as if he’s on the same device.

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It is planned that the feature will support all games played via Steam, but it is unclear if you will be able to play games that are not on the platform. Considering other Steam features such as Remote Play, which allow you to add any game on your computer and play it through Steam anywhere you want, it may be possible with some additional steps to play some very old titles.

Remote Play Together will support up to four players, with 1080p and 60fps image streaming for all participants. Valve confirmed that the experience will be easy to use and smooth, which gives the feeling that all players are in the same room, by identifying the controllers connected simultaneously as if they were connected to the main PC.

The feature will go into beta use on October 21, and Steam users who opt for Beta will be able to try it before its official launch later. It is noteworthy that several recent Indie games have been launched without the support of online gaming and with local coop such as Enter the Gungeon, for example, so this news may be happy for a large number of fans regardless of the game’s launch date.


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