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Super Smash Bros creator admits he’s ignoring Esports

When we see the big amount of companies racing to get on the Esports train, statements like these are kind surprising to see especially from the creator of one of the most competitive fighting game in our generation.

In a new interview with Masahiro Sakurai the creator of Super Smash Bros, Sakurai said he chose to ignore Esports in his game, even though he admited to watch professional online matches yet he would never focus on the advanced players alone.

“I need to look out for the novice and intermediate players,” he told the outlet. “I made it my priority to create an environment in which they could relax and enjoy themselves. I have nowhere near the same dexterity as the advanced players, so I relied on the monitoring team’s data and advice.”

“If ‘Smash’ were to develop into a pure one-on-one fighting game in which only the strong survive, the people who play ‘Smash’ just to have a good time would all disappear before you know it.”

Sakurai also talked about DLC content for the game, saying that his team is done with it completely and there’ll be no new characters in Smash anytime soon.

Super Smash Bros U is now available on 3DS and Wii U.

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