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Surprising results at the first day of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 global finals

The first day of the world’s largest PUBG Mobile event ended a few hours ago, with the challenges of Star Challenge 2018 being held at the Festival Arena in Dubai’s city center with a strong presence from 20 international teams here to compete for the $600,000



The international event, which had two Arab teams qualified – Arab Madness and GG_Gamers from the GCC Cup qualifiers a few weeks ago – as well as Wildcards, started today (November 29th) with four strong high-level matches from all participating teams.

Today’s star was RRQ Athena of Thailand with a performance that surprised everyone to be the best international team of the night. It proved to us that the team was deserving of its first place win in the Asian qualifyers. Other favorite teams disappointed to some extent, with Cloud9 for example scoring 12th by the end of the day.

As for the Arab teams, the representatives of the Arab world managed to present an honorable performance that almost put them in the top 10 teams by the end of the first day. GG_Gamers came in 11th place with 680 points and 5 kills, coming directly behind the 10th place Hayro with 805 points. Wildcard also performed well by the end of the day, as it was able to score 8 kills and 595 points in 15th place, followed by Arab Madness in the 16th place with 580 points.

On the other hand, the conflict at the top was very strong with blows being exchanged by the top four teams. Only few points separated RRQ Athena from its Asian neighbor LH.Douyu, with the second place team managing to achieve impressive 54 kills through four Matches for the four team members. CPT also had a strong performance with 36 kills and 1785 points, while the LH sister team, GT.Douyo, came in fourth at 1635 points.

We are excited to see what will come up at the second day of this tournament where everything is possible. We may see bottom ranks teams rise, as PUBG Mobile gained its popularity from the fact it’s one of the most unpredictable esports title of the decade. We wish good luck to all teams!

You can watch the recorded broadcast of the four games below:

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