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The Swedes take down Astralis to reach the Grand Final of DreamHack Masters Malmo

The most famous Swedish team in the world of esports has been able to deliver an honorable performance in front of their home fans, overcoming the legendary Astralis lineup and reaching the Grand Final of DreamHack Masters Malmo, where they will face another European opponent who won another surprise semi

We could not have imagined that the match between Fnatic and Astralis would end with a clean win for the Swedes today, where they managed to win on two of three maps, causing the second successive disappointment for the best Danish team in CS: GO after a painful loss to EG in ESL One New York.

The local crowd has undoubtedly provided the necessary strength. Their chants have reached the skies of the competition as they watch Jesper “JW” Wecksell and his teammates smash the Danish legend at Overpass with a relatively large 16-9 score, and they continued dominating on Nuke map, despite proving to be a harder test.

Although Astralis rallied to prove themselves as kings of comeback to the competition with four consecutive rounds that saved them from a loss of 16-11, the Swedes showed the same determination to exchange blows over and over to an extra Triple Overtime towards a score of 25-23, with  “JW” and “Brollan” achieving 44 and 42 kills in the game, showing the same determination they had in their longest match on CS: GO two days ago.

The improved lineup with Maikil “Golden” Selim and Robin “flusha” Ronnquist contributed to this victory, as new blood was on display at Dreamhack Masters championship and heralded a unique future for the team.

Moving to the next semi-finals of the tournament, we had another strong challenge between Natus Vincere against the French superpower Vitality, who recently acquired the legendary Richard “shox” Papillon. Although s1mple challenge against ZywOo as two of the best players was initially the focus, the game once again proved the importance of team play in CS: GO, with everyone contributing to keeping Vitality’s dream alive, with two out of three wins.

Nuke’s first map carried positive results for “s1mple” and his teammates from start to end, as the players highlighted their great knowledge of the map to finish 16 to 6 without any real threats from the French team.

That would not have continued, of course, with ZywOo uprising and his teammates turning the table entirely on Overpass map, achieving total dominance across the CT side by 14 rounds in the first half as Na’Vi players stood still, ending the game 16-4. Shox and his teammates continued to move forward on the third and final map of Dust II, which carried the end of the career for Na’Vi despite a relatively strong performance that led them to a score of 11-16 but it was not enough to win.

Tomorrow’s final will be played between Vitality vs Fnatic to determine the DreamHack Masters Malmo champion, where it will inevitably win one of the two teams to climb in the rankings of the best teams in the game and give us a different champion this time.

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