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Team Liquid proves yet again it’s the best right now with a new CS: GO win

They did it again. The best North American team is once again dominating CS: GO for the third consecutive time. Is there anyone who can really stop these players from winning? Not this time, with a deserved win against Vitality in the ESL One Cologne 2019 finals



Although it was not the final that we had hoped for with Astralis’s failure to overcome Vitality in the semi-finals and the loss of the opportunity to take revenge from Liquid for winning the title of the best in the world, the French team has been able to prove itself in CS: GO as a new force for everyone to fear in the future, thanks to a great final we all enjoyed.

On the other hand, we have Team Liquid, the team that has proven time and time again the tremendous ability of its players to overcome all their rivals no matter how skillful they are. Coming from their ESL Pro League win, the NA team managed to crush the competition through Na’Vi in the semi-finals despite the attempts of “s1mple” and “Boombl4” to prevent that from happening and defend their title.

The grand final took place through four of the Best of Five maps. The battle started with Overpass, which Liquid chose to be the first cemetery for Vitality’s hopes, with a clean 16-6 win, was enough to frustrate the morale of the French opponent. But surprisingly, players were able to rebound through Dust2 thanks to the efforts of players, notably Mathiey “ZywOo” Herbaut with a spectacular 1v3 in the final round.

The return of Liquid was inevitable in the following map Inferno, despite losing the first round of pistols, but the first half ended with a 11-4 result for them. Vitality tried again in the second half and got an additional six rounds, but Liquid needed only five To reach the end of the map with a score of 16-10.

Two maps versus one, anxiety started to appear on the faces of Vitality players. Liquid now needs another map to win, so Mirage was the last chance for the opposing team to return to competition again. Indeed, Vitality managed to reduce the gap significantly with the 8-7 score in the first half, but “stewie2k” and his teammates had the final say winning rounds one by one until the score reached 16-8 and thus a huge win in the grand final of the ESL One Cologne 2019 championship.

The important Liquid win meant not only the $125,000 event prize, but also the Intel Grand Slam award, which rewarded $1 million to the players of the team that managed to win four of the 10 major tournaments in one year. With this huge financial win, there is also a moral win, with Liquid proving that they are the undisputed best and that their previous victories have not come by chance. ESL One is their fourth major championship this year, leading to a number one spot on HLTV.

Place Team Prize
1 Liquid $125,000 + $1,000,000
2 Vitality $50,000
3-4 Astralis $22,000
3-4 Na’Vi $22,000
5-6 NiP $11,000
5-6 NRG $11,000
7-8 mousesports $7,500
7-8 Heroic $7,500
9-12 FaZe Clan $6,000
9-12 Furia $6,000
9-12 BIG $6,000
9-12 Fnatic $6,000
13-16 MVP PK $5,000
13-16 Renegades $5,000
13-16 MiBR $5,000
13-16 ENCE $5,000

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