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Team Secret returns to CS: GO scene after a long break

Some might have thought that Team Secret quit to no return when it announced the separation of its CS: GO lineup nearly three years ago



Although Secret was never one of the top teams in the game, they used to give us some exciting games before breaking up. What we will see here is not the Secret that we knew, of course, as it’s a new beginning with a promising young lineup coming from M1X.

“Juanflatroo”, “tudsoN”, “rigoN”, “sinnopsyy” and “anarkez”, as well as former Chaos Esports manager Sam “SamE” Ellis have announced their joining Team Secret today, where they will seek to offer their passion for the team to achieve the best possible results.

“CS:GO is a title we’ve been exploring for the past 6 months, and we’re happy to announce an extremely promising young roster to end the year and kick-off 2020,” CEO John Yao said. “While only having spent a very short time together, this squad has shown the potential to become one of the greats on the scene, and we look forward to putting all of our organization’s resources around them in their development.”

Yao’s statement is not just empty words, as the young squad has been able to prove itself with outstanding results by coming third in the ECS Season 8 European Challenger as well as qualifying through the European Open qualifiers for the Qi Banja Luka tournament, which is truly impressive for new pros.

We will be waiting to see the results of the squad under the banner of Secret over the next year. We wish all the players good luck and a happy return to Secret!


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