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The first Wii U emulator appears online

What looks like to be the very first attempt at making Wii U games work on PC has made its surprising debut earlier today, announcing the beginning of real development on a working emulator by the name of “Cemu”.

Even though a Wii and GameCube emulator already exist and working perfectly by the name of Dolphin, there was no real effort in a Wii U emulator due to the new architecture. However, the new surprising emulator shows excellent results for an early release as people who got to try it reported that many games did indeed run and some even got in-game.

The first version of Cemu isn’t public yet as it’s in no shape playable and lacks lots of optimizing. Still, it’s good news and a great start on the way of making a functional emulator like those for PS2, PSP and the original Wii.

Watch the test video below:

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