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The Last of Us 2 story touched upon in new details

Naughty Dog managed to steal all the spotlights last night with an exclusive look at The Last of Us: Part II at PlayStation Experience 2016, and today we have some snippets about the theme of the game.

It looks like five years have passed since the events of the first game and now Ellie is a 19 years old young lady with more experience in surviving the harsh world of the game. According to Neil Druckmann players will be taking her role as the main lead this time around unlike the first game when she was only available for small parts of the game.

The focus is on hatred in Part II. The storyline will be complimentary to The Last of Us and the two together will tell a much larger tale.Ellie wants to find and kill “every last one of them.” referring to a group of people that are unknown to us as for now but many are expecting the Fireflies.

“We’re going to do right by you,No one loves these characters more than we do, and if we didn’t have the right idea, we just wouldn’t do it. I had ideas with different characters and it didn’t feel right. The Last of Us is about these two characters.

“So much thought went into this and a lot of people feel trepidation about coming back to these characters and revisiting what the ending to the first game means, and also worrying whether it’s going to spoil the first game. We feel all those things too, and Part 2 is doubling down on that to say we believe in this so much.”

The Last of Us: Part II doesn’t have a release date as of now but it will be revealed comes E3 2017. Take a look at the trailer below in case you missed it:

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