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The wait is over: PUBG is coming to PS4 in few weeks according to reports

Popular Battle Royale title PUBG is about to come to Sony’s platform at last, much sooner than anyone would have expected. At least if the new reports are true .. which there is a lot of evidence supporting them being so



As the exclusive release on Xbox One platform of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is celebrating its first year in December, it seems that we are about to get the PS4 version in that same period of time, according to some strong evidence uncovered by fans.

The first evidence came through the discovery of one PSN member who uncovered mentions of the game within PS4 database, and was able to extract two promotional images already existing on Sony servers. This is usually the case when an official announcement is drawing near. In line with that discovery, the user was also able to find IDs of game content on North America and Europe store, something that is usually prepared right before the game is released.

Adding oil to the fire, analyst Daniel Ahmad told ResetEra that PUBG was already on the road for a December release on the PS4 platform, according to his own sources. The PlayStation version will be a year away from the Xbox One, which the world welcomed on Dec. 12, 2017. Although Bluehole continued to elude the details of the exclusivity deal with Microsoft, this may mean that the deal was temporary for one year, as many expected.

The release date may seem somewhat surprising without any prior announcements, but the deal with Microsoft is likely to prevent Bluehole from promoting their game on any other home platform. In addition, we do not believe that PUBG really needs to be advertised, especially with the PUBG Mobile smartphones release that added more to its worldwide reputation.

We are waiting for Sony to comment on the matter, whether by a formal announcement or by a surprise launch sometime in the next month.

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