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This 16 years old Fortnite pro just won the biggest solo Esports prize in history

Just one day after the pair “Nyhrox” and “Aqua” won millions of dollars in Fortnite World Cup duo finals, the American pro “Bugha” came to prove the dominance of teenagers at the world’s largest esports tournament in Fortnite, achieving the largest solo prize win in the history of gaming




Despite known names such as “Ninja”, “Cloak”, “NICKMERCS” failing to qualify, and “Tfue” disappointing performance, it was an opportunity to see new stars shining in the competitive arena and this is what we got during this weekend with a number of young people winning the largest esports awards ever.

The players were evaluated by determining a certain number of points for the ranks they get as well as the number of kills during each match. The competition continued through six exciting matches, where we saw a very high level of competitiveness and skill among the players. However, the NA player from Pennsylvania planted terror in the hearts of his opponents with his first World Cup match when at 9 Kills.

From that match it was clear that “Bugha” was one of the favorites in winning the cup, especially being placed among the top five players in most of those matches among the 100 contenders. The list of winners in the games included the European “Skite” in the second game, the American “Dubs” in the third, “Psalm” in the fourth, “Kreo” in the fifth game and win worthy of the Swede “Crue” in the sixth.

The total number of points scored by “Bugha” catapulted him to the top of the rankings with 59 points placed in first place, away from second place “Psalm” with 33 points and third place “Epikwhale” with 32 points, while the last millionaire of the night being “Kreo” In fourth place and “King” getting $900 thousand dollars at fifth.

الفائز كأس العالم فورتنايت fortnite world cup solo winner bugha

“Bugha” win has now been named as the largest individual win in the history of esports, with $3 million achieved in just one night. This 16-year-old’s mother will no doubt stop asking him to leave gaming and concentrate on studying.

The Fortnite World Cup was held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, and saw a special presence of DJ Marshmallow. The live broadcast of the event generated huge numbers of views, reaching a peak of 2 million at the same time, to be truly one of the largest, if not the largest, E-sports tournaments so far.

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