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Tunisian Esports Association: between local difficulties and ambitions for a better future

Electronic sports, or eSports for short, have proved their place as the sport of the future through various activities around the world and distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. There is no doubt that international recognition has become more important than ever before, and it is time for the Arab world to enter. This is what the Tunisian Association for Electronic Sport hopes to achieve, and is working hard to do so

Founded on February 26, 2019, the Tunisian Association of eSports started with six founding members who wish to transform this modest organization into the official organization of the various tournaments around the country. In fact, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has given them the license necessary to expand the association activities around the country.

The Tunisian Association focuses its activities primarily on fighting games such as Street Fighter V, which saw several events organized by the association members in 2016 in addition to Tekken 7, but the current limited capabilities of the association has prevented its support for more games such as FIFA / PES or League of Legends , Which we have learned exist on the road map for the near future.

Although the company earned quite a bit of logistical gains from its investment in the high-performance BENQ ZOWIE RL2460 to its relationships with Capcom and Bandai / Namco, it found difficulties on the ground when it came to finding headquarters for where events could be conducted. Perhaps due to esports being so recent in the Arab world, as well as the lack of understanding of the gaming centers’ owners of the importance that lies in the development and support of this growing firm, to the benefit of local players who will represent the country in international tournaments.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as the efforts of local players who have managed to reach the world’s largest championships with their modest potential, and a governmental support of the activitiy, the association hopes to expand on the potential of the Arab market, specifically North Africa, which is joining the Gulf and the Levant recently in its adoption of competitive video games. Paving the way for local players to global stardom.

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