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Twelve StarCraft 2 players arrested for match fixing

Esports and especially the likes of Starcraft have been increasing in popularity among young men in South Korea, but it seems that with a bigger pitch for competition.. the bigger the shady works. It has been reported that twelve Starcraft 2 players were arrested yesterday with the charge of fixing matches for money, as well as permanently banning them from the game.

Korean Esports Association said the names of two players Gerard, the coach of Team Prime and Yoda. They will be facing charges soon. Gerard connected his team to an organization of brokers that would pay them for losing on purpose between January and June this year. One of the players by the name of “BBoongBBoong” was paid more than $4500 for throwing a match while others got $30.000 for losing.

This isn’t the first time we see a similar case, as it happened before with different games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Looks like the Esports organizations have to be extra-cautiousto prevent similar things from happening.

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