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New Australian tournament announced Unikrn TV Australian Showdown

The popularity of e-sport in Australia is growing as the country has taken a step closer to the unique world of the shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Unikrn today announced a special tournament in Australia with the participation of only four of the best teams in Australia at the moment. The tournament is named Unikrn TV Australian Showdown.
Matches of this tournament will be conducted online and sponsored by FACEIT. All matches can be viewed through the official Twitch channel of Unikrn.

The  four teams participating in this event are : Chiefs, Grayhound, Kings and Athletico, for the $ 7900 prize pool.

The award will be distributed to the participating teams as follows:

  • $ 3,950 for the winning team in first place
  • $ 2,750 for the second-place winners
  • $ 1,200 for the winning team in third place

The tournament will take place on 16 August with opening games that will take us to the first semi-final on the second day. The semi-finals will be completed on the last day of August 18, which will certainly see the events of the Unikrn TV Australian Showdown The only one who will raise the cup of this new tournament will probably determine whether it has a future to continue or not.

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