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Update 27 brings new SMG and long-awaited improvements to PUBG

The new season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to start, are you ready? New update will come with several additions and improvements that fans have been waiting for as well as a new Battle Pass called Wildcard


Update #27 for the PC version (Steam) of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG will provide improvements to maps, most notably Erangel, modifications to the game UI, and various additions, which you will be able to try very soon with the launch of the update on the official servers of the game next week.

The biggest addition here is the new season, which will be called Wildcard. It’s the third Battle Pass of the game with more new skins and accessories that players will be able to get after completing a set of the various tasks from 26 March to 4 June. More than 60 rewards will be part of the Wildcard, ranging from facial modifications and hairstyles to new skins for backpack in the game.

However, Wildcard content will not be the first thing you’ll notice with the next update. In fact, you will find some improvements straight from the gate through the new and improved user interfaces, which will provide more controls for players such as choosing the level of volume for each player of the team if you want to.

Moving on to weapons, there’s a new SMG on the road, the MP5K, which will look a bit familiar to Counter-Strike players. It will replace the Vector on the snowy map only, offering greater damage per bullet and easier recoil control than what it’ll replace. However, a slower firing rate will make it a suitable weapon for mid range rather than close.

As for the weapons already in place, the M16A4 fans will be happy to hear that their favorite gun will receive an increase in efficiency by reducing weapons recoil, something fans have always demanded. We will also see modifications to the SMG and Pistols attachments system to become of a unified use, meaning that you will not see Pistol Extended Mag thrown on the ground taking a much needed slot in the loot table anymore.

Another important change is coming to Erangel map, which we have learned of the development team’s intent to bring it back to the fore by improving its Loot level to attract players again after their continued complaints of poor access to weapons. AR, DMR, LMG, and SMG rates will be increased with the new update, as well as other enhancements that align with developer plans to provide a better experience on the original map of the game, which started everything we know about the game.

Other changes to the update include modifications to the Flare Gun system in the game and reduced plane sound, as well as fixing a number of errors in the game and improving performance. You can read the full list of details here.

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