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Valve unveils the newest hero Snapfire at The International 2019

Valve‘s surprised everyone today and revealed the newest DOTA 2 hero called Snapfire on the main stage of the international 2019.



Snapfire, an elderly lady with an adorable dragon mount, will be joining the roster of heros sometime in the fall of this year 2019. The trailer didn’t show off any gameplay, but with the How to Train Your Dragon comparisons flying around already, Snapfire is bound to be a fan-favorite hero when she’s released.

As she rides her trusty steed to chase down a Batrider that stole her freshly-baked cookies, there are short glimpses of what are sure to be Snapfire’s in-game abilities. A rifle, mounted guns on the back of her dragon companion, and what appear to be buff-granting cookies were all featured in the short trailer.

At first glance, Snapfire could be a new mounted hero with spells that have her using her dragon to shoot fire and blast enemies using the mounted guns. Her own rifle could be a separate ability and the cookies might just add more versatility to her potential kit.

No further hints were given about what kind of hero she’ll be, but based on how movement-based the trailer showed her being on her mount, Snapfire’s classification will likely land closer to an Agility hero.

Speculation will flood the DOTA 2 community as fans anxiously wait for her release before the end of the year, so the new hero Snapfire should arrive to the game any time in fall of this year 2019.

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