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VENN network aims to be the MTV of video games and eSports

With big names like Riot Games, Twitch, Blizzard and GameStop, we’re gonna be seeing the launch of a promising network called VENN, which will be covering the latest news, events and competitions for video games, according to a new announcement.



The new network, called “Video Game Entertainment and News Network” (VENN), was founded by Ben Kusin, the son of the founder of the famous GameStop retail chain Gary Kusin, with the help of Ariel Horn, former executive producer of League of Legends LCS.

With their combined experience working with several companies in the world of video game industry such as EA, Vivendi Games and Riot Games, Kusin and Horn have been able to gain the necessary support to launch the new network, which will broadcast approximately 55 hours per week of programs of interest to players including News, coverage of various esports events, talk shows, documentaries about players and other live streams.

VENN will also be discussing with Youtube to host its various programs, which will be produced in specialized studios in New York and Los Angeles. The new network aims to be the MTV of gaming and plans to do so with its wide variety of gaming-centered content.

“Our audience is at the intersection of gaming and entertainment, and then this Gen-Z and millennial generations… We’re catering to and elevating [this audience of] 200 million people a day watching YouTube for gaming video content, or the 20 million subscribers Twitch has. We believe these are formats that can be elevated and produced in a way that’s similar to traditional television.”

VENN is scheduled to launch next year via Hulu and Roku TV services, as well as Twitch and Youtube.


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