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Vici Gaming and Vitality are the last two winners of 2019 in CS: GO and Dota 2

It is but a few days until we bid farewell to the current year, and with it a decade of intense rivalries in games that outline the history of current esports scene, most notably CS: GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends, and here are the two teams that ended the year in the best possible way



We have to first talk about the Vici Gaming team, which managed to achieve the last Major championship of Dota 2 this year with a fiery competition between the Asian continent and North America, as Vici climbed to the top from the lower brackets to win the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro championship in Singapore.

The journey was not easy at all, especially with the fact that the final opponent was Evil Geniuses, which after their new roster changes proved that they had returned to be a powerful force to be reckoned with. Despite a startling performance in the group stage and domination of some of the best teams in the world, theNorth American team could not maintain the same performance against the Chinese giants.

This did not mean that EG would go out without a fight, as it managed to make some strong maneuvers, but the final say was for Vici, who proved to be the best team in the end with a clean 3-0 result thanks to the efforts of “Eurus” and “Ori”, who outperformed “Arteezy” And “Abed Yusop” during their 40-minute matches. The Chinese team left the competition with $ 200,000 and the last title of Dota 2 this year.

Moving to the CS: GO scene, it also got its last big tournament via EPICENTER 2019, in which a group of the best teams in the world participated, most notably the French giant Vitality and the German powerhouse Mousesports, who proved that they will become a significant opponent next year.

The two teams managed to reach the Grand Final with win after win. The fiery clash in the final saw the team of rising star “ZywOo” accompanied by legend “shox” versus veteran “Karrigan” and “Frozen”, and what a competition it was. The amazing 19-year-old AWPer “ZywOo” entertained us in all rounds to prove that he is a candidate to become the best player in the world, as he was the main reason for his team to win with 87 kills.

The competition was most intense on the first map, Inferno, which was a choice of Vitality, but Mousesports managed to win after exchanging punches, and brought the result to 16-14 thanks to the super effort of the German side.

Vitality’s revenge was violent, and despite a strong performance in the first half of Mirage for the opposing team, the French side swept “Frozen” and his colleagues completely in the second half to overtake the Mouse and reach the result of 16-12.

The decisive map was Nuke, whose land had witnessed fierce battles worthy of a major tournament final as EPICENTER, as the French side showed more dominance than ever with its result reaching 16-9, ending the misfortune that had befallen it since its last victory in a championship last June to return to the top again.

The arrival of Mousesports to their third consecutive final is not easy at all, but it is an inevitable proof that they have already returned to the elite world teams list to represent a strong challenge in 2020, which will be a strong year witnessing the challenges of its stars Astralis, Team Liquid, Vitality, Evil Geniuses and Mousesports, In addition, other teams will undoubtedly want their lion’s share of the CS: GO Awards. It is definitely an exciting time for the competitive arena of this game!

In the end, we can only stay tuned for what 2020 will offer to us, whether in the Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Fortnite or even Apex Legends competitions.


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