The new Curse of the Drowned event on the way to league of legends

With a new upcoming champion Pyke, Riot reveal the new Bilgewater event for this summer called Curse of the Drowned.

Three years ago, League of Legends history was made when Gangplank died.

Not many additional details were released in the post on Riot’s developer blog, however. Most of the post concerns upcoming changes to the ARAM game mode, which desperately needs a refresh. We don’t even have an exact timeline, although the last event took place in the latter half of July 2015. For now, it looks like the bulk of the event will be focused on the ARAM game mode, including some event-only tweaks to runes and items.

The last Bilgewater event was a tremendous success. In addition to a ton of new lore, players got access to more skins, a revamped ARAM map, and unique mission rewards. And in the middle of it was Gangplank, who was actually disabled from the game after Miss Fortune killed him in cold blood. The event was one of the best Riot has held for League, and it would be amazing to see that amount of content and creativity return to the game this summer.

The new Curse of the Drowned event may arrive with upcoming patch 8.11 in two weeks.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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