Big hit for Tahm Kench tankiness with patch 8.8 in League of Legends

Big hit for Tahm Kench tankiness with patch 8.8 in League of Legends

Champion Tahm Kench is awaiting a big hit for his tankiness kit with upcoming patch 8.8, according to the latest PBE update.



Tahm Kench‘s nerf is just as meaningful, if not more so. One of his biggest strengths, especially later in the game during team fights, is his ability to walk in, scoop up an ally, and get them out of the fight without much of an issue. That being said, his Devour can also be used offensively, and Riot has deemed that double-purpose as a little bit of overkill.

After this nerf, Tahm will no longer receive a movement speed boost after eating an ally if he’s moving towards an enemy. That means his “Get out of jail free” card ability won’t really be affected at all, but it won’t provide any special bonus for being used to chase down targets anymore.

The second nerf is just as significant. His E, Thick Skin, won’t restore as much health as it used to. Now, only 15-35 percent of Tahm‘s Grey Health will be converted back into health depending on level, which is a flat 10 percent less at every rank compared to the current ability. He’s going to feel this nerf right away, because restoring 15 percent of his Grey Health is drastically different to restoring 25 percent.

Tahm Kench changes must be arriving with upcoming patch 8.8 in the next week.

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