CS: GO might get its own Auto Chess mode soon

If the most popular genre of 2018 was battle royale, the trend of 2019 seems to be the new automatic play modes that Dota Auto Chess has introduced for a world-wide fame recently, forcing its competitor League of Legends into adopting a similar mode in Teamfight Tactics. Now, it’s Counter-Strike time

Why CS: GO you may ask? In fact, we don’t know, but what better game to do that other than another Valve game that uses the same engine? Perhaps that’s why a group of fans started working on introducing the Auto Battler mod to this famous shooting game.

Our first glimpse of CS: GO Auto Chess came in the shape of a video posted on Reddit. Two characters from the game are fighting in a way that is similar to Dota Auto Chess (and later Underlords, Valve’s official version of the same mode). Although the video shows only one weapon, the extensive discussions in the comments included talk of different weapons functioning differently from each other, while limiting the use of knives, for example, to nearby distances.

Guns will offer more range going up to snipers that allow attacking on the entire map, and taking into account the large number of weapons of the same class in CS: GO, this may mean the possibility of adding a leveling system as is the case with the original Auto Chess mod.

There are also tools such as body armor, stun gun, helmets, and grenades that may be able to change the course of the game if used in the right situation, but it may be a little early to predict what the future will contain, it is still in its early stages.

CS: GO itself is not really a stranger from popular gameplay modes making their way into, as we saw the end of last year when it joined the ranks of battle royale titles with the Danger Zone update which brought the famous mode to the game as well as transforming it into a free game mode. Bringing in a large number of new players.

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