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DLive is fighting Twitch and Youtube and PewDiePie is here to help

Is 2019 the turning point for big names in the world of content consumption over the Internet? This may be the case with the emergence of new names on the scene such as Epic Store rivaling Steam pand now DLive, a platform to share video content that has Youtube and Twitch in its sight, and none other than PewDiePie is kick-starting this revolution


The popular Youtuber, who has recently came back on top and expanded the gap between him and T-Series as the most subscribed content creator on the planet, has announced a new deal with DLive, a new blockchain platform with a focus on delivering 90% of the revenue to content creators directly, instead of around 50% on Twitch for example.

“Felix PewDiePie” Kjellberg has announced his return to the world of streaming through DLive in a movement to support creators, with the first broadcast taking place on August 14 promising to donate up to $50,000 to 100 random users during the stream.

Recent years have not been great for content makers, with thousands of users expressing frustration over policies of both Twitch and Youtube outlining what is allowed and what is not on these platforms, in addition to increasing the difficulty of getting ads to support the creators. All of that may change via DLive, which gained $20 million to start the development of “Crypto YouTube” using LINO crypto currency aimed at creating a decentralized economy around the world.

Donations are made in DLive via Paypal, as usual, but 90.1% of the donation or subscription are transferred directly to LINO and sent to the content maker. The remaining 9.9% is distributed to all members of the site as LINO Points, by watching content, chatting, or sharing content. In other words, DLive will not gain any money from content creators, but will benefit from the development of the LINO economy itself.

It is rather complicated, but if Blockchain’s economy is something you take interest in, you can read more details here. As for the rest of us, we will be waiting for Pewdiepie’s exclusive live broadcast on April 14, via his personal page (which is currently showing a countdown to the broadcasting itself).

More competition is certainly a positive thing in the end, but can DLive really offer a successful alternative to Youtube and Twitch? We will wait to see the answer in the near future.


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