Everything we know about the new Clash mode in League of Legends

The new Clash mode on the way to League of Legends, according to Riot’s announcement.

Clash mode is an in-client tournament series for players of all skill levels. The goal of these tournaments, as well as their rewards, is to allow all players to experience coordinated, in-depth team play that previously could only be experienced by reaching the top level of League’s esports ladder.

full details about the new Clash mode in arabic language with this video from Bilgewater’s Beggar

Leanne Loombe the Product manager in Riot Games said: League is a sport, it’s a game focused on team play and our No. 1 goal with Clash is to bring purpose to team play in League. We want to give players a reason to play together and that motivation is currently missing in League of Legends.

Clash is designed to bring teams together and get them to care about who they are playing with. And Clash isn’t just for our highly-skilled players, it’s for every player to be able to experience the recognition that comes with competing in an intense experience like Clash.

The new Clash mode will be available in League of Legends at 25 May.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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