Everything we know about the new champion Pyke and his amazing abilities in League of Legends

The new support assassin Pyke with his amazing abilities is on the way to League of Legends, according to full reveal today from Riot.

Pyke: The Ripper’s Revenge

Pyke Abilities

Passive: Gift of the Drowned Ones

When Pyke is unseen by enemies, he rapidly regenerates some of the health recently lost to enemy champions.

Q: Bone Skewer

Tap: stabs and greatly slows all enemies in front of him.

Hold: Pyke readies and then throws his harpoon, impaling the first enemy struck and pulling them a fixed distance towards him.

W: Ghostwater Dive

Pyke dives into spectral waters, entering camouflage and gaining a significant increase to his movement speed that decays over a few seconds.

Camouflage hides him from view while enemies remain outside his immediate area. Attacking or casting spells immediately ends camouflage.

E: Phantom Undertow

Pyke dashes, leaving behind a drowned phantom. After a delay, the phantom returns to him, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through.

R or Ultimate: Death from Below

Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area, blinking to champions and executing those below a certain flat amount of health. Enemies in the X that are not executed take damage equal to this amount.

When a champion dies in the X, the last ally to assist also gains full kill gold and kill credit, and he can instantly use Death from Below again for a short period of time.

Gameplay style

As an AD support, however, a big concern players may have is finding the gold to afford the high-cost items AD assassins need to buy. Don’t worry, because in order to remedy this, he won’t get AD just from buying AD. All bonus health, whether it be from items, runes, or anything else, gets converted to more AD to him.

Yes, this means he will be incredibly squishy, but it also means he can do cool things like buy the Relic Shield as an AD starting support item, or even standard support items like Redemption and Knight’s Vow.

he must arrive with Patch 8.11 in two weeks from now.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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