Fortnite game behind dozens of divorce cases in the UK!

Fortnite game behind dozens of divorce cases in the UK!

The world may have heard the divorce caused by the Xbox in the United States by the term “Xbox widow” a few years ago, and now, Fortnite is the most prominent video game hackers in breaking family relationships


According to statistics published by divorce-online, a number of hundreds of divorces have been identified as, in one case or another, Fortnite’s most famous online game. These cases have been recorded since January, the time period Fortnite began to thrive through the world of group games to become the number one undisputed celebrity.

“Drug addicts, alcohol, and gambling were the most intertwined reasons for the relationship, but the dawn of the technical revolution has introduced new addictions. “These include online video games and social networking, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are experiencing relational problems because of these cybercrime,” a spokesman for the organization said.

“These numbers are equivalent to about 5% of the divorce cases we have studied since the beginning of the year, and being one of the largest studies in the UK,

Video game addiction has been officially classified as a mental illness by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has developed “game sickness” on its ICD. However, there are a number of rare symptoms that must be present until the disease is diagnosed, so most of the video players are safe. In any case, we will not be surprised at the wives’ request to ban this game in their homes after the news

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