Hecarim on the way to power changes in League of Legends

Hecarim will get some Buffs, according to the latest PBE update.

His Devastating Charge’s (E) duration will now be paused while he is traveling in his ultimate, Onslaught of Shadows. This not only means that he’ll have more of his E to use after his ultimate ends, but he can essentially extend his E with the ultimate, which is great for one-on-one situations when Hecarim is chasing someone down.

The other buff that the pony is getting is on his ultimate itself. Its fear duration will now hit 1.5 seconds if he travels far enough, which is essentially a 0.5 second fear increase. That being said, it could also fear for 0.75 if Hecarim barrel-stuffs his opponents with it, meaning if he casts it at a very short range, which would mean it would be 0.25 seconds less. This rewards Hecarim’s riskier, longer range initiations, but punishes him if he casts at the wrong time.

These Buffs will be available in upcoming patch 7.17.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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