Huge changes for jungle Meta with patch 8.10 in League of Legends

Huge changes for jungle Meta with patch 8.10 in League of Legends

Many huge changes for jungle Meta on the way with patch 8.10, and these changes will be on the PBE for testing soon.



In the post describing the changes, Riot Sotere talks about the goals of these alterations and what they’ll be. Overall, Riot wants to keep junglers in their jungle instead of having them impact the lanes in the early game. These potential changes also attempt to tackle a recurring problem in the jungle: Mana issues for some jungle champions.

Experience gained from jungle camps will be reduced in the early game and junglers will find it tougher to reach level three. Instead of going from one buff to a normal jungle camp to the second buff, players must clear more camps to reach that third level. Talisman will also reward more mana regeneration in the jungle and Runic Echoes will see a change. Exact numbers and stats weren’t provided for these changes, so we’ll have to wait until they’re on the PBE to see how harsh they are.

Rift Scuttler will also be changed significantly—the most notable change is that there will only be one Rift Scuttler on the map at any given time. The side of the map that the Rift Scuttler spawns on will be determined at random, but players will know ahead of time where it’ll be. Rift Scuttler will also reward more experience, gold, and mana regen. The Scuttler will spawn earlier and is tougher to kill since it’ll have more health.

These changes will force junglers to stay in the jungle because they’ll need to clear more camps in order to be at a power level where they can affect the lanes. With the mana changes, Riot hopes to increase the jungle champion diversity and allow more mage-oriented champions in the jungle.

These changes are expected to hit the PBE on Tuesday, May 1 for testing.

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