Kha’Zix’s on the way to get new ultimate in League of Legends

Kha’Zix’s on the way to get new ultimate in League of Legends

Kha’Zix is being targeted to get new ultimate ability, according to the latest PBE update.



Kha’Zix ultimate ability, Void Assault, might be redesigned to replace its evolution mechanic with a brand new one. But Riot isn’t 100 percent certain on the direction it wants to go just yet. The version of the ability on the PBE right now completely cuts out the mechanic of triggering stealth upon entering bushes when Void Assault is evolved. Instead, evolving the ability halves its cool down and doubles the stealth duration from 1.5 seconds to three seconds.

This may not be the final draft, though, according to Riot staffer Rick Maher on Twitter.

Kha’Zix’s ultimate ability is a bit of a problem among both pro players and solo queue amateurs. Having the ability to stealth between bushes allows to Kha’Zix to uniquely dodge vision that would otherwise hinder him like almost any other jungler in the game. In solo queue, the frustration there is obvious, because wards are few and far between to begin with. But in pro play, things are a little different.

Kha’Zix has survived as one of the only early game assassins in the jungle through one of the tankiest jungle metas in years, and a lot of that power stems from his ultimate allowing him to bypass what little vision remains on the map. Now that Graves is strong again and tanks are all around a little weaker, other assassins may rise up, but Kha’Zix will likely stay right where he is.

Kha’Zix changes on the PBE right now, but might not be the last version before see the light in game.

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